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Bacterial Leaf Spot

In December last year we germinated a Yellow Scotch Bonnet seed. When the seedling was big enough we moved it to our aeroponic system, but after a couple of weeks we noticed that the plant had become unhappy. The leaves were turning yellow and brown and shrivelling up! We diagnosed the problem as a Bacterial Leaf Spot infection, rather than throw the plant away we tried to save it. We were careful to remove any leaves that looked like it might be affected, and dispose of them promptly (which didn’t leave much left). We made sure that we didn’t touch any equipment or other plants without washing our hands thoroughly to avoid spreading the infection to our healthy plants that were sharing the same system and tent. It has been a very long 5 months of very slow growth but the Scotch Bonnet has finally burst in to life in the last month and produced some really nice sized pods. They are still waiting to ripen, but we are pretty pleased that we didn’t give up on the little fella! 

Originally posted on Growerflow forum (now Vegocracy) by user EmmaGupH

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