Building a Balcony Greenhouse

I’ve started building a small greenhouse. I will use it as an indoor greenhouse now but it’s really more of a balcony greenhouse. I hope to be able to move it outdoors eventually but my current balcony is to small and I don’t have a garden yet so I will have it indoors for my chilli and tomato plants. I was insipired by the mini greenhouse post on this forum. The construction photos was very helpful to me. Maybe I can inspire someone else with my little greenhouse. 

 I am very proud of it so far.

The greenhouse:

This is how the greenhouse looks in my living room:

Some construction photos:

I will order glass for the sides, the back, the roof and the shelves. I started to prepare the shelves today:

Will do the painting as soon as I have time and can share the updates later. Hope you like it!

Update, 17th of April

Better late than never. 

 I have finally started painting the balcony greenhouse. I had a hard time deciding on the color. Either black, grey or white. Finally decided to go for white. 

Next step is to order glass for the sides, roof and back.

Update, 29th of July

Balcony Greenhouse has finally moved outside. And it’s painted. I still have not found the time to add the back or the glass sides, but it’s working fine during the summer anyway and still gives the plants a protected spot. I hope to add the sides and roof before autumn comes.

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  1. Beautiful, exactly was I have been looking for, I wish you had add a material list because I want to build one just like it.

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