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Building a Cold Frame – DIY

I had some spare materials and old Windows left from another project – so today I finally decided to start (and finish) building a more solid Cold Frame than the one that I had last season. (If you want to check out last years beautiful, but not so solid Cold Frame, you’ll find it here.)

No fancy materials needed for the build. This is what I used, old Windows and reused boards:

How to DIY:

1. Meassure the Windows and cut the bords for the back, front and sides of the frame. Remember that you want the Window to slope, so either you have to make the sides shorter than the width of the Window – or you use one board to make a small “Roof” before the Window starts (which is what I did and you can see on the pictures below). For me, the Window was 140×80 cm. I made the back and front boards 140 cm, and the side boards 75,5 cm (since my board used for front and back was 2,25 cm thick each). I did the back of the cold frame 2 boards high, the front 1 board high and the sides were cut into a slope.

2. Fix the frame using a small joist. This is how I did:

Notice the angle on the front joist:

3. Cut the roof board. Remember the angle on the side where you will add the Window to make it work when you add the Window later:

4. Then meassure, cut and fasten the upper board of the sides. I had to do some special angles. Best explained with Pictures:

5. Add the Window, and you are done! 

I now have some painting to do, and after that I will add the final hinges. Happy to have my new Cold Frame. It will serve me well during the rest of the spring and also later in the autumn. Not bad for 1,5 hours of work.

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