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Building my own raised beds

Originally posted on growerflow forum by user FlatFarmer

I’ve been planning to make my own raised beds for a while and I have got a lot of tips and ideas here. And hmm…i’m sorry Sanna that I’m copying your color, but on the link you sent me the brown color are better looking than the red one… And it matches my brown brick house better… 

The raised beds were easy to make and it took me about a day. i still have some work left to do like finding enough soil to fill them up.. not to keen on buying soil so i will try to move around what i already have in my garden. I have one larger raised bed and one small where i think i will put my tomatoes.

Almost forgot to put the plastic on the sides but remembered last minute. 


Update, 18th of August

I’m very very happy that I decided to make the grow beds! I now have carrots, beetroot and onions growing here. I plan to build one more grow bed soon and grow garlic for next season.

I have a few buckets with potatoes. Does not look like much but I picked a few from this bucket for dinner today and they taste very good. 

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