Building a Kitchen Garden Composting

Building Worm Towers

Everybody loves to build homes for the garden worms.. right?

By placing a Worm Tower in your raised bed, you basically create a nice little system for feeding the bed with nutrition, by feeding the worms. All you have to do is place some of your kitchen vegetable scraps in the pipe – and the worms will do all the job for you. After seeing really nice and pretty Worm Towers on Pinterest – I was more than ready to create my own. It was a quick and easy job.

All you need is a quite large PVC tube, a drilling machine with a pretty large drill and some type of lid (a regular clay pot will do..)

1. Drill several holes in the bottom part of the tube. They need to be big enough for the worms to crawl in and out through the holes. The holes need to be under the ground, so don’t make them to high up on the tube.

2. Bury the bottom part of the tube in your garden bed.

3. Place some kind of lid on the top. Make sure the lid has ventilation. A up side down clay pot is a perfect lid.

Than just find worms in your garden and place them in the garden bed. Feed them by simply lifting the lid and fill with kitchen scraps (only vegetarian scraps). The worms will find the feeding station by them selves. 

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