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Cheap easy mini greenhouse

On my trip to the dollar store.. I saw a neat little shoe rack.. Picked that up along with those clear plastic table cloths.. All in all it was about $7…i cut the table plastic to the size of the shoe stand.. And just a bit longer… Wrapped it like a present box.. And taped it up with clear tape.. And taa-daa! A mini greenhouse that fits my aluminum seeding trays perfectly! I use this upstairs and put it on my heating vent on cold days.. Or outside balcony on nice days.. Very easy to carry and light too!

Update, 8th of April

Oh it works very well.. I put the beefsteak tomatoes, strawberries, eggplants, and I can’t remember the other tray.. Lol
Strawberries I never grew before.. And I gave 2 sprouting so far.. 
Beefsteak tomatoes are popping up like crazy! 
Still waiting on the eggplants.. 

I had the mini greenhouse out on my balcony today, weather is nice an Sunny temps around 15celcius.. and that’s how it looked bringing it back it


 the tomatos continue to sprout.. And I remembered what was in the last tray.. Marigolds.. My defence flowers lol.. 

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