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Chitting (sprouting) Seed Potatoes before planting

I’m scaling up my Potato Container Garden a bit this year. To have an early start, and get early and strong potatoes I am Sprouting (chitting) the Seed Potatoes before I plant them. Last year I was chitting the Potatoes in egg boxes on the window sill ( here is a link to last years Potato Topic), but this year I will let them sprout on a tray with soil to root them up a little bit more before moving them to the buckets where they will grow for the rest of the season. I will not have them placed on the window sills this year. Instead I will have them close to a window in the basement. I’m counting on the process to be a bit slower but more robust since the temperature will be stable on aproxamately 16 degrees celcius in the basement. Here are some pictures:

Three varieties of potatoes will be grown on my porch this year (one early, one semi early and one late variety):

Follow this topic if you want to, I will keep you posted on how it proceeds

Update, 3rd of April

The Potatoes quickly starts to sprout. The first sprouts:

I let the Potatoes sprout unitl the sprouts are about this size:

By placing the Potatoes on a tray with soil they also get beautiful roots. Be careful when you lift the Potatoes to replant them. You don’t want to ruin the roots. 

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