Direct Sowing in the Herb Garden – trying to outsmart the Slugs

I had some major issues with the Garden Slugs eating all of the Herbs I was Direct Sowing in the Herb Garden last year. I ended up sowing indoors and just moving larger plants outdoors later in the Summer.

This year I tried a different trick – and it seems like it has been working. I was simply covering my sowing with plastic covers that I could reuse (a plastic Cake Cover, some cut Pet Bottles and a Plastic Tray from my ‘Plugg Box’ that I wasn’t using at the moment. I was sowing Dill and two types of Parsley.

Marking Spots where the Plastic Lid would fit and watering:

Direct Sowing:

Lifting the Lids after a few days, and so happy to see the little Sprouts. Not eaten by the evil Garden Slugs! It looks a bit funny that they are growing in the shape of the random Plastic Lids.. but it’s working!

I put the lid back on and let them grow into a slightly larger size before i finally removed the Lids. 

So, the summary is: Great Success! I will have Dill and Parsley this year

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