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Elderflower Lemonade Recipe

Elderflower Lemonade/Cordial is my favourite taste of Summer. Glad to see that the Flowers were ready to pick already (at least 3 weeks earlier than last year).

Sharing some pictures and also my Elderflower Lemonade/Cordial Recepie. I will post my original Recepie. Just count the number of Flower heads and multiply the recipie the number of times you need. (I picked about 300 Elderflower heads today – That will give about 15 litres of Lemonade in the end.)

You need:
40 Elderflower heads
3 Large Lemons
2 litres of Water
1,5 kilos White Sugar
50 g Citric Acid
1 Bucket

If you want to, you can also put in about 1 Tablespoon of grated fresh Ginger.

How to do it:
1. Pick the Elderflower heads. Rinse if needed to get rid of bugs. (I try not to rinse if I don’t have to, since I do believe that it washes some of the great flavor away..) Put them in a bucket.

2. Wash/scrub the Lemonades to get rid of any Mould and/or Chemichals. Slice them. Throw away the top/bottom parts and all parts with a lot of white areas. Place the slices in your bucket with the Elderflower heads.

2. Boil the water. 
3. Add White Sugar and Citric Acid to the hot Water. Stir until it’s all dissolved and totally see through. Pour it it into the bucket.

4. Stir. 
5. Put a lid on your Bucket and put it in a cold and dark place for 3-4 days. Stir once every day. 

Filter and bottle the lemonade. Keep in freezer.

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