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Exploring the Delightful Trio: Strawberries, Arctic Bramble, and Onion – My Hidden Gems of Companion Planting

Companion Planting in raised beds: Strawberries, onions and arctic bramble

In the world of companion planting, certain combinations have gained well-deserved popularity for their mutual benefits. However, among the commonly known companions, there are hidden gems that deserve recognition.

Today, I want to unveil one of my favorite lesser-known but reliable companions: strawberries, Arctic bramble, and onion. These three plants come together harmoniously in my raised bed garden, allowing me to maximize productivity while creating a visually appealing space.

1. The Everlasting Charm of Strawberries:

Strawberries are a beloved addition to any garden. With their sweet and juicy fruits, they bring delight to both the taste buds and the eye.

To extend the strawberry season and enjoy a diverse range of flavors, I grow five different varieties in my raised bed. By carefully selecting varieties that ripen at different times, I ensure a long and continuous harvest throughout the season. This way, I can relish the luscious taste of strawberries from early summer until late fall.

2. Arctic Bramble – A Perennial Pleasure

Mixed in with the strawberries, I have arctic bramble, a delightful perennial that adds an enchanting touch to my garden. This cold-hardy variety thrives in cooler climates and offers a unique twist with its pale pink flowers and delicious, juicy berries. Arctic bramble rewards me with harvests year after year, creating a sense of continuity and looking wonderful in my garden.

3. Onion bundles as Companions

To utilize the limited space in my raised bed efficiently, I also plant onion plant bundles in this companion planting. I start onions from seeds indoors. Each pot holds three seeds, and when it’s time to transplant them outdoors, I carefully position the onion bundles between the strawberries and arctic bramble. This strategic placement allows the onions to ward off pests that may harm the strawberries and bramble, ensuring their well-being.

One of the key advantages of incorporating onions in this trio is their continuous harvest. As the onion plant bundles mature, I selectively harvest the greens, and i also harvest small onions continously, creating room for the remaining onion in each bundle to grow large and ready for storage. This practice ensures a steady supply of fresh, homegrown onions throughout the season while also providing storage onions for later use.


The combination of strawberries, Arctic bramble, and onion in my raised bed garden has been a delightful revelation. By merging these three plants, I’ve created a small but highly productive space where beauty and functionality coexist.

The perennial nature of strawberries and Arctic bramble adds an enduring charm, while the strategic placement of onions enhances pest control and optimizes space utilization. I encourage you to explore unconventional but reliable companions like these and discover the hidden treasures they can bring to your own garden. Happy companion planting!

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