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Finally, A Major Milestone: Adding Gravel to the Walkways in My Revamped Growing Area

I’ve finally reached an exciting milestone in the reconstruction of my growing area – I’ve started spreading gravel in the walkways. What an achievement! I believe this addition will finally start making the growing area look a bit more finished.

For the past two years, I’ve been engrossed in completely revamping my entire growing area. It’s been a step-by-step process, and with kids and a baby at home, it does take time. But the joy of seeing your garden bloom just the way you imagined is worth every second spent.

In this reconstruction journey, I’m repurposing the old wooden growing benches for another year, and I’ve also added several new large metal growing benches. Not only is the area larger than before, but it’s also tailored more to my personal way of gardening.

The new design is practical, still with raised beds at a comfortable height that warm up early in the season. I’m planning a modular system of accessories, such as cold frames, cover materials, trellises, etc., that can be moved around to where they’re needed most at the moment. The new growing area includes four larger quarters for a good crop rotation and a quarter for perennials.

To protect the garden from slug damage, I’ll be installing an electric slug fence around the entire growing area. Slugs won’t stand a chance against my precious plants!

Despite the growing area not looking fully finished yet, I’m able to make full use of the entire growing area this season, and it feels so wonderful! AND just yesterday, I started shoveling gravel into the walkways, and it instantly looks much more neat and tidy! It’s clear that every step forward, no matter how small, is a step towards creating the dream garden. I will keep planting, keep growing, and most importantly, keep enjoying the process!

I’ll be sharing more about how my new growing area is laid out and how I’m planning the area to cultivate as efficiently as possible in future posts. 

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