Garden Slugs

Forced to rethink

This season has been a disaster!

I’ve had two major set backs that really made me reflect and regroup my gardening operation.

First problem: Slug invasion!
Second problem: Ecological fertilizer Pyralid poisoning scandal

I will get back to the Pyralid poisoning problem in another post later. Let’s start with the slugs:

The slugs has been too much this year! Over 400 good sized plants was eaten by slugs. Direct sowing is almost impossible. They’re even killing my perennials asparagus and sunchokes (!) The invasion is massive! With a small baby at home, and limited time to find and terminate the slugs – they took over!

I had to stop and reflect and consider my options. But now I’m back! I’ve decided to redesign my entite vegetable garden and build an electrical fence to keep the slugs out!

Wish me good luck!

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