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Getting rid of Garden Slugs – Is Cornmeal really working?

I have heard that Cornmeal is a good and natural way to get rid of Garden Slugs and was wondering if it really works. Decided to set up a Cornmeal Slug Trap today. It is supposed to be super easy:

1. Take a Jar (without a lid)
2. Put some regular Cornmeal in the Jar
3. Place the Jar in your garden where you have problems with Garden Slugs

It has been raining for a few days, so the number of Garden Slugs has really been exploding over the last couple of days. I was picking loads of Slugs yesterday – and I am hoping for the Cornmeal Trap to keep the number of slugs under control (and hopefully eliminate them totally)…


Look at this! It’s about 3 hours since I placed the Jars with Cornmeal in two of my Raised Beds. I think it’s safe tho say that it’s attracting the Slugs! There is more than 10 slugs in each Jar already!

So I now know that it attracts them… Still to prove if it kills them.. I will keep you posted.

Update, 23rd of June

It has been a few days, and I’ts hard to tell if it is working or not. I can’t find any dead Slugs in the raised beds. But since I can’t find any Slugs alive either, I think that it might be working. Some birds have been stealing some of the cornmeal and have been messing around with the traps so the cornmeal has pretty much been sprinkled all over the bed. Maybe that helps even more..? 

Update, 3rd of July

I think it’s OK to state that it has been working! Digging into the raised beds today it was clear that there are less slugs in the raised beds where I placed the cornmeal jars, and more slugs in the raised beds where I did not place any cornmeal jars.

I only found 3 slugs in the beds with cornmeal Jars. 

I’ve refilled the Jars with more cornmeal to be sure to keep them out. I have noticed that some Birds have been interested in the Jars, so I covered them with Rhubarb Leaves to hide them from the Birds.

As a comparison…. this is what the slugs in the raised beds without Slug Traps looks like… 

Verdict – does it work?

I would say that Cornmeal seems to attract and kill a few slugs. However, this is not a sustainable method to fight Slugs at a larger scale. I’s time consuming to keep the jars filled and the Cornmeal dry. I will continue to search for other methods.

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