Beetroot Sowing

Growing Beetroot from Seeds

Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables to grow. Easy to grow, beautiful, great tasting and can be used in so many ways.

I grow my Beetroots from Seeds and start several batches during the season. I want to share how I start one of the batches really early. Where I live you’re supposed to start them outdoors in May, but I have found out that I usually get great Beetroots a lot earlier if I start the seeds indoors in March, and move them to my cold frame in may. Unlike Carrots the small Beetroot plant is not being destroyed by being started indoors, transplanted to bigger pots and then planted on their final growing destination. If you want to try this, select a variety that is not to sensitive to cold climates. They will never handle freezing temperatures, but they can be more or less likely to grow in low temperatures.

To start the seeds:

1. Start the seeds in a tray, plug box or pots. 
2. Put Soil in your pot and water the soil
3. Place a Beetroot Seed. (The Beetroot Seeds are the ones on the 3 bottom rowes in this picture. I start my Beetsroots at the same time as I start Swiss Chard and Green Kale so I have some of each in this tray.)

4. Cover the seed with 2 cm of soil and water again. 

5. Now cover with plastics or a plastic lid

Place the seed tray in room temperature, and if possible under a grow light. The Seeds usually sprout within a few days. 

I transplant them once into bigger pots before placing them on the final growing destination. I will come back and post more pictures later, as they grow and when they are ready for transplanting.

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