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Growing Blackberries and Raspberries

This is how we grow Blackberries and Raspberries:

1. Framed: Since Raspberries will grow pretty much everywhere and are quite invasive, it’s a good idea to frame them. We framed them with a home made small raised bed made out of stone and wood. 

2. Trellies: We also made some simple trellies from wood and wires to help keep the Raspberry plants and Blackberry plants where we want them. 

3. Soild and compost: We bought Blackberry plants and moved Raspberry plants from other areas in the garden. We planted them in about 50% soil and 50% compost.

4. Cover up: Then we covered the bed with cloth and finished up with a layer of bark. This will be enough to keep the bed maintanance free (=exactly how we want it to be)..

The Blackberry plants gave us Blackberries just a few weeks after we planted them. They are growing really fast, so hoping for many more berries next year.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Blackberries and Raspberries
  1. Hello, I am planning on building a raised bed for some blackberry plants and wanted to ask how the trellis fared and also what the measurements of this bed and the trellis are? It looks awesome and gave me some inspiration. I’m also curious to see how the bed looks now if you’re willing to share a pic. thank you!

    1. Hi The bed looks exactly the same and is holding up well. I have several raspberry plants in it, and one blackberry plant. The blackberry plant is getting invasive and would really need a lot more space – but all plants in this bed is good producers. The meassurements are about 50*250 centimeters.

  2. Thank you. I did end up building one pretty similar to yours so we’ll see how it goes next season after winter. It’s nice to see pictures once the plants are bigger and more established so you have an idea of how it all looks once it’s filled in. Appreciate the inspiration! Take care.

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