Growing Red Onion

Growing Red Onion is easy – and rewarding. You can choose if you want to harvest continuously during the season – or if you want to harvest in the fall and store the onions for to use during the full year.

My best tips!
If you plan to harvest and eat your onion during the season, you can plant your onions really close, and harvest continuously as the onions grow bigger. That will give you plenty of small, great tasting onions, and at the same time your harvest will leave room for the onions that you don’t harvest to grow bigger. I use this combination to get me both in season onions, and some saved for later. You can also continuously cut some of the sprouts and use them in salads. If you want to save onions during the winter – make sure not to harvest them until the sprouts have turned brown.

How to plant
Plant onion bulbs in the spring – when the soil is getting warm and dry (when the soil is around 10 degrees Celsius). Choose a sunny spot in your kitchen garden. Prepare the growing place by adding some compost. Place the bulbs about 5 centimeters apart (possibly closer if you can harvest continuously during the season). Press them into the soil, and let the top of the bulb stay visible above the ground. (You can also place the bulbs on top of the growing spot, and just add some extra soil on top.. a way to speed up the planting.. )

Onions like to grow next to carrots – and the onion keeps the carrot bugs away.

Water during the season.. Add liquid nutrients during the summer. If you don’t water enough – there is a risk that the onions gets a bitter taste. 

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