Growing tomatoes from a tomato slice

This february we decided to do an experiment with 4 slices of cherry tomatoes that we had in the fridge. Two slizes of red cherry tomatoes and two slizes of yellow cherry tomatoes. The red slices started to grow quite fast. They quickly turned into 31 (!) tomato plants. In may we started to get worried that the 31 tomatoes were taking over our home. A quick google taught us that tomatoes can be sterile, and we were afraid that our method would prove not to be reliable. However the plants looked happy and healty, and they started to show the first signs of turning into tomatoes in the end of may. Later in the summer, they gave us a lot of tomatoes to enjoy.

How i planted:
1. Cut the tomato into ~1cm thick slices (from a cherry tomato, I did one slice from each tomato – so kind of just cuting of the top and bottom)
2. Place soil in a pot or planter (se mine made from an old bottle below)
3. Place the slice/slices in the planter
4. Cover with about 1 cm of soil
5. Keep damp as it grows. I carefully separated the plants as they had started to grow, but you could also cut of all except of one plant to make that plant stronger and avoid getting to many plants.

These Tomatoe Plant moved to one of my Mini Greenhouses and I had plenty of Tomatoes coming from them.

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