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Growing Tomatoes upside down

Having 31 Tomato Plants from my ‘Growing Tomato Plants from a Tomato Slice’ experiment, I decided to try out if some of the Plants would like to hang upside down.. Since the plants were already quite big, I did like this:

1. Drill a big hole in the bottom of a bucket
2. Use a PET-bottle to keep the plant in place and prevent the soil to fall out. First cut the bottom of the PET-bottle and only keep the “neck part” of the bottle. Than cut the top into two parts (to create two half bottles).
3. Place one half of the bottle into the bucket, and the Tomato Plant in the final position. Then use the second half of the PET-bottle to “lock it” together. Use a simple plastic strap or string to tie the construction together.

The plants grew just fine, and turned nicely towards the sun. It was a bit tricky to keep the watering at a good level, since those buckets did not have a self watering system. But still a fun (and somewhat space saving) way to grow Tomatoes. I will do this again for next year. 

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