Growing tomatoes using passive hydroponics

I am growing a couple of Pocketbook ‘reisetomate’ vine tomatoes. I am growing them using passive hydroponics – so instead of using a hydroponic system, I will be using coco coir – coco is completely clean, buffered and free from nutrients so is just acting as a medium to hold the plant in place, that means I will need to add nutrients to the water when I water them, but it means I will know exactly what nutrients they are getting.

 I am growing them in air pots (I prefer to use fabric pots, eg. root pouch) but I had some of these kicking around so decided to use them this time. The airpots (like fabric pots) encourage air pruning so the roots should be healthier and denser as they are allowed to breathe. I will keep you updated 

 These will be grown indoors (in a grow tent) as I’m in the UK, and it’s still rather cold and miserable outside!

Update, 16th of April

Here is an update on the tomato plants. They are looking very happy and healthy and flower buds are starting to appear.

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