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Harvesting Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) after Winter

I love growing Sunchokes. Super easy, beautiful and super tasty. And so handy to store them in the ground over winter. My Sunchokes (or Jerusalem Artichokes) have been resting under the snow in the frozen ground during the winter. It’s now March and time to harvest the last bulbs, and they are still perfectly fine. That is magic! I try to harvest half of them during the autumn, and leave half of them for harvest in Feb/March (depending on when the snow melts and I can get them up from the ground). Had three original bulbs to harvest, and was surprised by how many chokes I got. 

Super exiting to remove the layer of leaves and start digging. 

The chokes look great, and It’s exciting to see how many there are.

Great harvest, only 3 bulbs were rotten and had to go into the compost.

Since this full harvest came from 3 original bulbs I made sure to leave 3 bulbs for next year. Leave them a few centimeters into the ground. I now cover with soil and leaves, and vill add some more compost on top later when it’s warmer outside. This will give me new great Sunchokes to harvest for next year. 

Fresh and clean Sunchokes can now be stored in open plastic bags in the fridge for up to 3 more months. 

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