Here’s my temporary polytunnel

So we finally finished installing our polysheet tunnel greenhouse yesterday.. It was a very windy day.. So we tested it against the wind for sure! Lol.. I don’t think it’ll hold for heavy rain though.. So hoping we don’t get any time soon.. I added the plants in this morning.. And we see how it goes..

My husband keeps telling me racoons are going to shred it.. 


.. Lol.. And we a squirrel on the neighbour’s fence this morning and he goes “see I told you animals will rip it!” lol.. Him Being him, says to me ” don’t worry, leave it I’ll buy u a better one, that animals won’t eat.” 
A) I had fun building it with my kids 
B) animals (hopefully) won’t be shredding it
C) I think the day HE gets around to actually buying it for me, i’ll be to old to be gardening 

D) I’ve been telling him before building it that I wanted one.. And he kept telling there’s no use for it.. Totally lacks vision.. Lol.. But now that he sees it there and what it’s being used for.. Now he’ll buy me one

Update, 13th of April

Update on the polytunnel greenhouse :
Omg! Is it hot in there! It’s a breezy, sunny 15 celcius here today.. But inside my polytunnel it feels like a hot summer day


 can I just move in there until summer actually comes? 
Here’s how everything is looking almost week after the polytunnel was made.. 

This weekend I’m hopefully getting my other raised beds made by hubby dear.. If it doesn’t rain (which they say it will).. Once those are ready I will maybe start transplanting some of these plants into the beds .. Because they are getting too big 

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