Building a Kitchen Garden

How to build Raised Beds for framed Deep Beds

I have finally started building the frames for my Deep Beds in the new part of my Kitchen Garden. I will make 25 Raised Beds like this one.

It’s a lot easier to do the painting before you start building the Raised Beds, so I’ve been painting in the Garage almost every evening over the last few weeks.

This is the material needed for one Raised Bed:

I’m planning a modular system where all the Raised Beds are 120×80 cm. More about my Garden Layout in this post: New Garden Layout Plan.

The wood I’m using is 2,1 cm thick – so I cut the Planks into 120 cm for the long sides, and 75,8 cm for the short sides.

I start by putting the short sides together. Since I want the Beds to sit solid in the ground, and also to be able to eventually have one on top of another – I put the corners together like this:

The two short sides are done:

Now put the long sides into place:


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