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How to fix tall, thin and leggy Tomato Plants

Is your Tomato Plant growing to tall and thin? Don’t worry. There are at least two ways to fix that. If the Plant is thin and leggy, but still look healthy, you can always cut the top of and grow a second Plant from the cutting (see more on how to do that in this post).

But if your Plant looks a bit sad and neglected (or if you already have enough Tomato Plants..) you can benefit from the fact that Tomato Plants like to be planted deeper, and easily grow new and more roots from a buried Stem.

This is a trick that I often use for my Tomato Plants if they have been growing to thin:

1. Take your Plant. Do not water the plant the last few days before doing this. By not watering the plant, the stem will be more flexible and easier to bend without breaking it of.

2. Take a large Pot (or in my case, I use a Bucket). Fill the bottom of the Pot or Bucket with soil. I usually add a little bit of chicken manure mixed into the soil to give nutrients during the season, but this is optional of course.

3. Trim the bottom part of the stem by cutting all the leaves.

4. Now place your plant in the bucket, and wrap the Tomato Plant Stem in circles around inside the Pot or Bucket. Like this:

5. Then fill the rest of the bucket with soil. Remember to give your Plant enough water over the next days, and it will grow new roots and grow into a stronger and healthier Tomato Plant. 

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