Installing automatic watering (Hydromat) in my polytunnel

So.. since I’m the lazy gardener.. I need automatic watering. Also in my greenhouse.

I choose the Hydromat watering system. Main reasons for choosing this one:
– Enough capacity for my polytunnel
– Water gets the right temperature (my outdoor watering uses cold water, this watering system will be warmed by the greenhouse indoor temperature before it’s distributed to the plants)
– Possibility to add liquid nutrients if I want to do that later in the season
– Affordable (also after buying the greenhouse..)
– Good recommendations

I have this watering in my Greenhouse. Se this topic for more information about the greenhouse: My Polytunnel Greenhouse


Back picture describes how it’s to be set up:

Not so many pictures in the instruction, but there is a really good Youtube movie on how to install the system, so check that out before installing. Here are some pics from my installation:

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