Making your own aquaponic system

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Just wanted to talk about my aquaponic system and how I got it for so cheap. (I will post a picture at the bottom) 
Ok so I got my ten gallon tank for around 10 bucks because they were having a dollar per gallon sale. I got my plants for around twenty bucks…. I got the real plants for around ten bucks. I bought rocks at the dollar store for three bucks, and I bought the fish for 33 cents each. I bought a lid for the top to put the plants (and to keep the cat out..) 10 bucks. And finally I got the air stone, pump, tubing, and valve for around twenty bucks. In total I spent around 60 ish bucks give or take. I looked online for the 5 gallon ones and they were about 50 bucks without the plants and medium and nets. Fish food and conditioner were not more than ten bucks.

I haven’t bought anything hydroponic because hey your can make them from scratch. Within a week my tank was cycles and ready to go!! 

The peace lilies !!

And the two fish enjoying their new home, splash and bubbles. 

I hope you enjoyed the diy project, maybe one of you can do it too!!! Very inexpensive and easy to set up. (Btw I haven’t added the plants yet because my dad hasn’t cut open the top for the plants to fit into.) 

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