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Mid-summer garden!

This is my first year attempting a mid-summer garden! You may my wondering what I mean by attempting… Well you see I live is southern California, USA and right about now the temperature averages 95-110°f. 
A majority of my seeds sprouted but I did end up having to sow some more but that is completely fine.

3 Crimson watermelons
2 Ruby red Swiss chards
6 Sweet Corns
3 sugar daddy peas
Mixture of carrots

I figured I would grow some peas since the corn would shade it and provide it a climbing point (thanks sanna for providing that tip) and the watermelon would be good for the medium garden the chickens have been mixing.

I am going small for now to see how it works out since they aren’t going to be planted in the green house. I will continue to update on what dies and what survives!

Update, 11th of July

5 Sweet Corns are planted! Just waiting for 2 more


 Isn’t quite ready… Hopefully 1-2 weeks!

Update, 11th of July

New development in the garden! So there is a first for everything and this definitely a first for me… The plant in the first picture I thought should have been Ruby red Swiss Chard according to my seed pack and sprout organization but now it is becoming watermelon?! But wait that’s not all! The plant in the second picture was supposed to be watermelon and I know that for a fact but now it looks like maybe cucumbers? Anyone have suggestions on what the heck happened and what the second plant is? 

Update, 1st of August

Definitely cucumber! 

excuse the grass and pots haven’t done maintenance in almost a week…

Also the corn is starting to broom!!!! I can’t wait to get fresh sweet corn 


. Harvest should be at least 5 corns but I have had smaller plants produce 2 before.

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