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My kitchen garden 2017

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Ok so I think I will post all updates on my backyard garden here… 

This is our second garden season in our first home… And trust me when I say, there is a LOT of work that needs to be done… And we’ve done a lot last yr.. All new cement patio and walkway.. Added soil and new sod to the side yard.. And the front is a work in progress.. 

My backyard is where the kitchen garden is.. Last yr it was only 3 boxes, you could say I was getting my toes wet.. Lol.. Everything turned out amazing! I was more proud of the seeds I started than the plants I bought.. 

This year we are adding more grow beds.. So far we have 8 made… Just a few more to go.. And then it’s time for digging! 


While all that work is being done.. My plants are being grown from seeds indoors (you can follow up on those in my other posts) .. I did plant some lettuce, radishes, and spinach, in one of the older grow beds.. In another there is a few cauliflower seeds (a first for me), coriander, mint, sage, and some more lettuce.. In the 3rd there is some more spinach (none have sprouted yet, I don’t know why)
Here some pics of the progress so far.. As you can see my 2 yr old is the mastermind behind all this.. Lol.. 
And our cherries are in bloom


Well that’s all that’s been done so far… It’s thunderstorms over here now, after a gorgeous +25 celcius temps


 morning and afternoon.. 

Update 29th of april

I have the plants.. Maybe way too many, as of now.. But I know when the time comes for planting, I’ll have family asking for some 

There’s over 45 beefsteak tomatoes, 18 cherry tomatoes, 12 Rutgers.. And I’m waiting for the vine tomatoes to sprout.. Lol.. 
Then there’s cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, Mexican mix peppers, and seranto peppers, eggplant, okra, sweet corn, sugar peas, green beans, radish, lettuce spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, green onions., all sorts of herbs… strawberries, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon, I think that’s all of then.. Not counting the flowers.. Lol.. 
All of these are growing atm.. Either upstairs living room (where I start the seeds), the balcony (south facing so the get good lighting and a taste of the elements),then they go to the basement.. Where I have an enclosure set up for them… My house looks like a greenhouse atm.. Lol
Below are just some of the plants I’m growing.. These are in the basement (final stage before going out in the ground).. Frost season isn’t over yet so waiting impatiently until may 24..lol

Update, 2nd of may

Okra seeds are starting to sprout


Sweet corn


Update, 8th of may

5 of the new Beds have been placed in the ground now..going to make one more today.. Also will start putting some cardboard down and then order the soil.. Hopefully by the end of this week the Beds will be all ready for planting in.. I will start planting next week.. 

Good news : I saw a tiny radish yesterday 


 my first time planting them., so I was excited.. Lol.. Lettuce is doing good, cilantro is sprouting.. And the second batch of spinach..
I harvested some mint and sage yesterday! My first harvest of 2017!

Bad news: first batch of spinach never grew.. 

Update, 13th of may

So I tried Sanna’s idea of putting cardboard down first, and raising the Beds a bit higher.. Hopefully that’ll keep weeds out.. 
We added a crate near the compost bin.. On the far left.. In there are some strawberry plants I planted, help keep it easy for kids to pick.. And also will plant my herbs there… 

The smaller planters are for flowers (help attract pollinators) and just cuz they look pretty.. Lol.. 
I decided to leave it as 8 Beds… 9 would have cut into the kids’ playground area.. 
Now I just need to get the interlock done.. And I’m think I will paint these the same color as the smaller planters.. Well that’s it go for now.. Hopefully we can get the floor done over the weekend 

Started planting some plants outside today… It’s a risk still.. But some where getting quite cramped.. 
Bed #1
Has coriander, some cauliflower, green onions, mint, lettuce 

I put the corn and beans in the back middle bed.. Where the radish and lettuce is… I’ll put peppers in the front, next week and some marigolds… 

Bed #3 
spinach is growing good.. The lettuce I had started indoors all but died when I transferred them out here… This will be my main tomato bed.. 

At the moment is empty minus lettuce I dug out of bed #2.. I think I’ll put tomatoes in here as well.. 

This will be mainly zucchini.. Just planted the seedlings.. The first batch of zucchini plants started flowing all ready the second batch is about half the size… Also has lettuce and marigolds bordering it.. 

Bed #6
This will be mainly cucumbers..i put 2 seedlings in.. Waiting on the rest (my first batch died a while back.. Second batch died of cold temps one day..) there’s also lettuce and marigolds planted here too.. 

Bed #7
This will hold eggplants mainly, and whatever goes good with them

Bed #8 this will hold mainly peppers 
I think I have everything covered for now… 

Plants I don’t have much hope for 


These are plants that I’m trying for the first time.. But not much of a priority, so if they make it that great.. If not not a major loss.. 

Okra seedlings pretty much died indoors, I don’t know why.. 
I have watermelon and honeydew melon seedlings.. I’ll try planting them out next week.. Hopefully they make it… 
I put the broccoli seedlings into one of the crate planters.. Hopefully they’ll grow stronger there.. 

In the crates I have mostly flowering plants, geraniums, Dalia, nasturtiums, and a few others… 
2 crates also have potatoes planted in them
And that’s it for my update, for now


Bed #8:
So I think I found some broccoli plants growing in a pot I had on the balcony.. I think I threw some seeds in when I started them in trays way back when.. (tray ones stink in comparison though lol


).. I replanted them into bed #8..we’ll see how it goes.. 

Also here’s a close up of the zucchini plant that already started to flower

Update, 15th of may

Today was mostly a planting day.. I’m doing this post to help me remember what bed has what in it, since I did some seed planting too.. 

Bed 1:
Cauliflower, cilantro, sage, mint, green onions, lettuce 

Bed 2:
Sweet corn, string beans, lettuce, radishes 

Bed 3:
spinach, sage (will have tomatoes), marigolds 

Bed 4:
Tomatoes (will have) , carrots (seeds), lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 5:
Zucchini, lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 6: 
Cucumbers, lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 7:
Purple eggplants, 6″ Mexican long chilli peppers, Romain lettuce seeds, marigolds 

Bed 8:
Bell peppers, broccoli, marigolds 

Bed #9 
I guess I’ll call this a bed now too.. Lol.. It’s the herbs and strawberry one 

Update, 18th of may

Good news :
Slowly getting there.. Lol.. Today the beefsteak tomatoes were planted into bed #4…

Most of the containers were painted.. 

Some of my peppers plants have little buds on them! 

Cilantro is growing in nicely, so is the spinach

Bad news:
Some of seedlings didn’t make it.. Not worried because I have a lot of back ups at the moment.. 

I’m seeing red!! 

Lol radishes are coming in nicely.. Almost harvest time! 

Update, 29 th of may

So a lot of changes, or additions you could say, have been done as of 3 days ago… Here’s the new list of whats growing where.. 

Bed 1:
Cilantro, mint, sage, green onions, cauliflower, Mexican 6″ chilli peppers, leaf lettuce 

Bed 2:
Radishes (almost all harvested) made way for Mexican 6″ chilli peppers, sweet corn, green beans, leaf lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 3:
Beefsteak tomatoes,Rutgers tomatoes, okra, spinach, leaf lettuce, sage, marigolds 

Bed 4:
Beefsteak tomatoes, purple tomatoes, red onions, carrots (seeds started in beds), leaf lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 5:
Zucchini, leaf lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 6:
Pickling cucumbers, red sunflowers, sweet corn, sweet peas, leaf lettuce, marigolds 

Bed 7:
Purple eggplants, seranto peppers, leaf lettuce, Romain lettuce (seeds), marigolds 

Bed 8:
Brocolli or cauliflower (I can’t remember which), bell peppers, red onions, leaf lettuce, pimento peppers 

Ok… So that’s all I can think of for now… I think I covered everything.. Those are the main plants.. I will be adding beneficial herbs or flowers (like nasturtiums) to the beds as well.. Just have to go though what they are for each of the plants first… 
Also the weather now is finally better, thank God! And plants are actually growing new leaves now.. Not stuck in a state of shock.. I can finally smile again.. Best part is.. I only spent $13 on vegetable plants for my garden, this yr

 (may add a few tomatoes to it later).. And that’s only because some stuff got frostbite earlier on in the season..otherwise it would have been only expense being the seeds, and a one time expense on the grow lights (2x$20).. My uncle easily spent over $100 on his vegetable plants as of now… And he’s got a much smaller amount of plants, and variety.. So I will definitely start seeds again next yr.. And with a bit less of an expense, hopefully 

Here’s a visual update on the Beds, all in order, starting at the top left bring bed #1.. Some places look a little bare.. But there are small seedlings there.. That are picking up.. Soon it’ll all look as green as bed #1.. Lol.. 

Update, 4th of june

I’m missing bed #4s pic.. Forgot to take it.. Will do later.. But this week everything is finally looking like it’s growing! 


I’ve actually seen some sweet pea pods! This is very early for me… So I’m very happy seeing vegetables and flowers so early in the yr..

Update 22nd of june

Bed #1
the most random of the Beds.. Lol.. Anything extra usually gets planted here… I have cilantro I’m harvesting just about every day.. Sage and mint too.. 
There’s a few pepper plants, I think some eggplant and a tomato plant.. The is still growing.. And I don’t see greencauliflower onion plants as of yet.. 

A little bit more organized.. Lol.. The corn is doing good.. All the plants here are doing great.. There’s sweet corn, string beans, and chilli peppers.. I planted the leaf lettuce between the plants to keep the soil covered (keeping moisture in).. And as the plants grow and need more space I remove the lettuce plants as needed.. There is 1 zucchini plant in here.. I planted it thinking it had very little chance of surviving.. But it has proven me wrong.. Lol

The beefsteak tomatoes (planted in mid may) are catching up in size to the ones I planted in April indoors.. I’ve harvested spinach twice already.. 3rd time is waiting picking.. Okra is growing in this bed better than bed number 5.. Also the cantaloupe are looking good as well.. 

Bed #4:
Ive had a few trimmings of the tomato sucker plants.. My oldest plant (November start) is flowering.. As is the black tomato.. I bought.. I took the suckers and put them in water.. So I’ll have a few more tomato plants 


.. Cherry tomatoes were store bought seedlings.. Not as great compared to my seedlings.. But they’ll pick up.. Red onions seem to be doing well, as are the carrots.. But my first yr planting them.. So if anyone knows a trick in telling when they are ready.. Please let me know 


Bed #5:
The zucchini are getting huge! I have baby zucchini on 2 of the plants so far., about 2″ long.. Saw them today! 


 again the cherry tomatoes planted here are a so not as healthy looking as my own seedlings.. But they are ok.. The okra isn’t as good as the other box (#3)..but it’s starting to finally grow.. 

Bed #6:
This has got to be one of my greenest beds.. Lol.. You literally can’t see the ground in this bed.. The sunflowers, cucumbers, and sweet corn are growing wonderfully.. Almost 3′ tall now.. The sweet peas are also growing good.. There’s flowers on the some of the cucumbers now.. So soon! 

My romaine lettuce is just about ready for picking.. I love ceasar salad! 


.. The eggplants are starting to grow taller.. As are the chilli peppers in here.. 

Bed #8: 
What I thought was broccoli.. Ended up being mustered plants.. Definitely surprised! But I used it’s leaves and spinach, to make a wonderful chicken and spinach dish for dinner yesterday 




 I’ve got a few of the Mexican 6″ chilli peppers growing now


.. And the bell peppers still need some growing to do.. Red onions are doing well here too.. 

Below are the pics.. Going from left to right first left being bed #1.. After the 8 pics, are random plants in the beds.. 
End pics are the fruits we have growing.. 

the fig tree I planted in the backyard


 it will have to be covered during the winter here.. But for now it can enjoy the summer 


Cherries are just about ripe.. These are the only things we didn’t plant in this house.. Lol
Mulberry tree we also planted this week, and blueberries.. that I will keep in a pot..because they died in the ground last year.. 

How’s that for an update? Lol.. Did y’all fall asleep? 


 if not, thanks for bearing it all and reaching the end.. Hope you like my garden as much as I love it! Take care and may you grow plenty! 


Update 27th of june

Update :
So today was a busy day in the garden.. I was clearing out the cilantro from bed #1.. I’ve decided to use this bed for my watermelons instead now(they weren’t getting enough sunlight, thanks to the quicker growing cucumbers and sunflowers).. I will throw some cilantro seeds in all the beds to start a new batch of them… I moved the peppers from here to bed #8.. And removed the mustard plants that were growing there (ate some and gave a neighbour the rest) .. 
I noticed my sunflowers are already starting to flower!?! Weren’t these guys supposed to be super tall before they flower? They are about 3-4 ft tall… Hopefully my cucumbers don’t over run them 


I discovered theres string beans growing!!! Again I was expecting to get tall vine type plants from these too.. That’s why I put them by the corn.. To climb.. But instead they are already flowering and almost ready to harvest 

My spinach is on its 3rd harvest! I just cut it.. And I swear they are getting better and better.. There isn’t as much damage by the worms that were eating the leaves from inside, anymore.. Just one or 2 leaves 


.. My neighbour’s spinach was completely damaged by the same bug.. Not even 1 harvest.. 
Okra is finally growing!! This plant was driving me insane trying to figure why it wasn’t growing.. Then it just bursts like 10 leaves at once.. Lol.. 
Zucchini is fruiting and flowering like crazy now.. I already have 4 zucchinis growing! And oh so many flowers! 
The Mexican 6″ chillis have a few very long chilli on them, that’s the pic with my hand in it…

I am sooooo in love with fresh romaine lettuce!! It is so delicious! And very pleasing to the eye… Much better than the shops for sure! Never thought I’d notice such a difference

Update, 5th of july

Tomatoes have started on 2 of my plants.. The one I bought (purple tomatoes), and the one I started in November indoors… So maybe next yr I will start them earlier indoors… Still going to wait and see till the season is done to figure out if there is any benefits of starting earlier than April (when I started my tomatoes)… Size wise my tomatoes started in April aren’t too far off… Even though they suffered in the transition during spring (my mistake for planting too soon) 
One of my beefsteaks has a huge double bloom!reminds me of a sunflower I wonder if the tomatoes will differ in size? 

Update, 11th of june

As you can see, a lot of the fruits and vegetables are almost at their harvest time.. Some things like, sweet peas, strawberries, and the Mexican 6″chilli peppers are being harvested now.. And they are pretty good! Nothing beats fresh, no pesticide food! 
Spinach is still growing (no sign of going to seed yet).. We harvested it 4 times already.. It’s ready for a 5th harvest.. 
Bell peppers are doing very well this year compared to last year.. The shape is beautiful, with no signs of deformation.. Size is pretty good too, one of my favourite crops so far this yr.. Lol


Okra is getting the pods on it now.. Some plants are being eaten by something(most likely potato bugs) .. I think I’ll relocate them.. They seem smaller too…
Cantaloupe were tied to a climbing fence a few days back.. There’s a few flowers on them… 
The companion planting of the sunflowers, cucumbers and sweet corn is doing wonderfully.. This has got to be the container with the least amount of weeds needing removal.. 
The zucchini was having pollination issues.. So I had to resort to pollinating them myself… Oh the fun!


 Lol we’ll see if I’m as good as the bees 


Tomatoes are growing on the plants I started in April, as well now… Cherry tomatoes are also growing nicely 
Red onions seem to be doing good so far as well.. Don’t know about under ground.. 
I’m starting to remove the lettuce now.. I think I’ll start some more seeds of it.. But not as much as the spring time.. Lol.. 
Watermelon still seems like it’s stuck in time.. I’ve relocated them to bed number 1..so they have more space… Hopefully that’ll help.. 
Eggplants are flowering more and more.. Yet to see some veg on them.. 
Cauliflower it’s still growing.. No cauliflower as of yet…
Ive planted more pea seedlings today… Kids love them! 
My fig tree is getting a lot of yellow leaves.. Maybe due to transplanting it into the ground? 

I was thinking starting some more radishes as well.. Or is it too hot now? I try and see.. 

So that’s all I can think of for now.. Thanks for reading.. 


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