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My new Polytunnel Greenhouse – Palram Bella

I’ve been struggling with the decision to get a greenhouse for a loooong time. I’ve been looking into different types of polytunnels and greenhouses, but have had a hard time trying to place a huge tunnel in my garden. Today I finally decided what type of greenhouse to get, and I also placed the order! I’m so excited!

I was looking for:
– Polytunnel functionality rather than “greenhouse beauty”
– A huge tunnel that would fit in a small and already crowded garden (then It will of course not be huge.. more likely quite small)
– As much growing space as possible related to space it will take in the garden
– Good enough winter isolation to really extend the season and add possibly also add heating during early spring
– Hardy enough to stand the snow load and winds during winter
– Practical, with ventilation possibilities etc.
– Reasonable cost

I decided to go for a Palram Bella greenhouse tunnel. It looks like this (image from Palram):

It’s 2,44×2,44 meters and it was really the squared measurements that made it possible for me to place it in my garden in a good way (with doors facing the garden instead of just a corner). 

I will start the ground work this weekend, and hopefully I will get it delivered and get it together within the next 2 weeks. What do you think?

I will get back with reviews, updates and info on how it will meet my expectations.

Update, 23rd of April

I’ve started the greenhouse foundation today. Since it’s not a glass greenhouse, but more of a poly tunnel I think that it will be fine to use wood instead of concrete for the foundation. Still, it’s a light weight greenhouse, so I really wanted to make sure that it gets properly attached.

I started by digging of the grass and cover it with a ground cloth:

I then cut the wood, and made some cuttings that could hold the ground anchors:

It’s not a huge greenhouse.. first row of the foundation in place:

Starting to bend ground anchors from rebar:

This is what the bent rebars looked like when they were into place:

Then a second row of wood. I added this row mainly to get a slightly higher tunnel:

That’s all I can do for now.. Hopefully the greenhouse will be delivered before next weekend.

Update, 1st of May

The greenhouse was delivered and we’ve been working on it this weekend. Spent about 6 hours putting it together, and then about one day extra to paint and build the grow beds in the greenhouse.

Preparing for watering

Starting the interior today. Got some left over flooring bricks from a friend. Perfect!

Grow beds

Still some work to do, but starting to look good! 

There is still some work to do, like building the middle bed and finding enough soil to fill the beds up.

Update, 3rd of May

Thank you! 🙂 I’m planning right now. It will probably be Tomatoes, Cucumbers and some Chilli plants. Maybe Eggplant and Melon. And Artichoke! I need to try artichoke! 

All beds are now in place. 

Update, 18th of May

First to move into the tunnel: Tomatoes! 

Totally I moved 20 Tomato Plants from the Basement and to the tunnel.

I got the watering system installed before anything was allowed to move to the greenhouse. I made a separate topic on the watering system. For more info, follow this link

Update, 30th of May

Moved some more stuff to the greenhouse a few days ago.

Nice flowers on the Tomatillo already

Update, 19th of June

Greenhouse update! It has been growing like crazy in here!

Tomatoes are flowering

Cucumbers are flowering and some already has cucumbers. 


Update, 7th of August

So, I thought I did som pretty good pruning in my greenhouse before I went away for a few weeks vacation. This is how it looked in there before I went away:

And this is what I came home to! Amazing! Tomatillo has been taking over the back side, and tomatoes and cucumbers are also growing like crazy!

Cucumbers are escaping through the door!

And this is what it looked like inside the greenhouse:

So I started to cut branches and prune harder. Had to get the greens away to allow the sun to reach the tomatoes. After about 40 minutes of pruning I found my secateurs in there! 

It took a while. These pics were taken in the middle of the process.

Nice work though. Found a lot of tomatoes in there!

Some of them HUGE!

This is good enough for now. I think it’s enough for the plants to breathe!

Update, 25th of August

Tomatoes are slowly ripening

Update, 11th of September

Time to pick all Tomatoes and remove the plants from the greenhouse. I do that to avoid getting late blight into my greenhouse for next season. The Tomatoes will ripen indoors.

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