Sowing Winter Gardening

Preparing Grow Containers and Winter Sowing for early Spring Salad

I’m scaling up the cold frame idea a bit more this year – and will have my one of my Mini Greenhouses serving as a cold frame during march and april. I’m preparing containers that i will be able to replace gradually as I can grow new things and the weather is getting warmer. I will add a water reservoir to this Mini Greenhouse later this spring. This Mini Greenhouse will hold 6 Containers like this, and that give me possibilities to grow 4 Containers with Strawberries and rotate different types of Salad, Spinach, Parlsley and Rocket Salad in the last 2 Container.

Today I prepared the containers, and did Salad, Rocket Salad, Parsley and Spinach sowing in 2 of the Containers. 

I drilled several holes in the bottom of the container. It’s for water to drain, and later when my water reservoir is done, the holes will also make sure that the self watering/wicking works properly:


Bringing the salad containers outdoors and was totally amazed by the beautiful snow patterns from the birds. 

 Birds are back, Spring is coming and good thing that I started this sowing today! 

Covering the containers with snow. This is to make sure that they get watered when the spring is getting warmer, as the snow melts. Also moving the containers into the Mini Greenhouse:

Closing the lid, and going inside for a cup of coffe.

Update, 11th of April

Spring is in the air. And the seeds can feel it! Tiny beautiful plants are starting to show in the Mini Greenhouse that I have been using as an extra Cold Frame this year. This was exactly what I was hoping for! These small Plants are looking more solid than the ones I have started indoors. Looking forward to fresh Spinach, Salads and Parsley in a few weeks!

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