Winter Gardening

Preparing Raised Beds for Winter Sowing

I have 7 Raised Beds that I plan to start in January. I will Winter Sow crops like Spinach, Raddish, Rocket and Carrots (see post on Garden Plan 2017 if you want to know more about my Garden Plan). Since my Raised Beds has been resting, covered with leaves and Grass Clippings for the last weeks I need to remove the Leaves and Grass Clippings before it freezes in order to be able to Winter Sow them in January.

Raised Beds before I stripped the cover of:

Simply removing the covering Leaves and Grass Clippings from the Raised Beds that I plan to Winter Sow to the Raised Beds that I will not use until spring:

The Soil is looking way better already. It is only about 2 month since I started digging these Deep Beds and I’m surprised about how much the Soil has improved with the cover material on top of it. (More about the Deep digging and Garden Construction in this post: Building a Raised Bed Kitchen Garden).

Done with the clean up. You can see my self watering drip system now showing in the cleared Beds:

Now I just have to wait until January and until the snow comes back to start the Winter Sowing. (For those of you that want to know more about Winter Sowing right now.. have a look at my Winter Sowing post from last year.)

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