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Raised Bed Plan – Strawberries

Raised Bed Plan – Strawberries.
One of the best things with my New Kitchen Garden area is that i finally will have enough room for a perennial Strawberry Bed. I will select two types of Strawberries, and i will purchase Plants instead of growing from seed to kick start and hopefully get lots of Strawberries the first season. Strawberries is perennials = comes back every year, but you need to replace the plants after about 4-5 years to keep getting Strawberries.

5c = This bed is one of my “extra beds” in my Garden Plan for Raised Beds 2017. It’s not included in my Crop Rotation Plan.

Time Plan for this Bed
Not so much to plan and work with for this Raised Bed. I will purchase Strawberry Plants in the spring, make sure to add Cow Manure before I plant them, cover with a net to protect from Birds and then just wait and enjoy the Strawberries as they come. I plan to have 12 Strawberry Plants in one Raised Bed (120×80 cm).

My Kitchen Garden is built with a modular approach. I have a number of Raised Beds (Deep Beds) – currently 29 beds. Most of them are 120×80 centimeters. They are Deep Beds and I always cover them with Organic Material to improve soil and nutrients, and also have a No Dig Garden. More background information can be found in these posts:

Methods I use to plan each Garden Bed
I plan each bed carefully and enjoy making and developing my plans. I try to consider different angles:
– Succession Planting: I want to have at least 3 batches from each bed to maximize my harvest
– Crop Rotation: I rotate my basic crops each year to eliminate diseases. I have a 4 year Crop Rotation Plan (more about my Crop Rotation Plan here).
– Companion Planting: I want each batch to consist of Plants that thrive together to get good harvest and keep the plants healthy.
– Continuous Harvest: I want to be able to harvest from early spring to late autumn without having to preserve too much food. We prefer to eat all the vegetables as fresh as possible.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the planning of this bed with me. There is always loads of input that can help improving this further.

Strawberries. Almost to easy. And to good! 


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