Second season growing tomatoes

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I did enjoy my tomato plants a lot last season and have started tomatoes again. I tried a tomato plant starter kit last season since it was my first time growing tomatoes (growing anything). This year i decided to grow tomatoes again and start them from seeds myself without having to buy a starter kit. This is one of the tomato plants right now. I started it in my chilli and pepper tray right after i had moved some chillis to separate pots. 

Update, 9th of April

I have not been to good at sharing pictures of my tomatoes this year but this is how they look now.

Update, 12th of March

Thirsty tomatoes! 

Update, 15th of May

They are back on track! 

My home has plants everywhere! And many chillis already! 

Update, 22nd of May

Tomatoes moved out this weekend! 

Update, 3rd of June

Tomatoes like this spot and grows good even if nights are still quite cold.

Update, 18th of August

I’m very happy with how my tomatoes are growing but I wonder if i planted them to close?

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