Building a Kitchen Garden Greenhouse

Self Watering Container added to Mini Greenhouse

I loved my new mini greenhouses.. but I quickly realized that it required quite a lot of watering. So I constructed a bottom with smal wheels, and built a simple water reservoir in the bottom. Here’s the adjustments I did:

1. Creating, painting and puting wheels on the bottom construction

2. Covered the bottom part of the mini green houses with building plastics

3. Filled the reservoir with clay pebbles that I already had at home. This could probably be done in a smarter way, that doesn’t require so many clay pebbles.. but you take what you have.. 

4. Placed a wicking cloth (ordered online) on top of the clay pebbles.

6. To be able to quickly fill the reservoir with water, I added a part of a PVC pipe in one of the corners. 

5. Just let the plants move in.

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