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Self watering Seed Starter – DIY from Recycled Plastic Bottles

If you are a bit lazy on the watering, I really recommend you to make your own homemade Self Watering Seed Starters from Plastic Bottles. It is super easy, works really well and you can make them out of almost any bottle. You need:

– One bottle
– One piece of cloth (I use dish cloth, but you can use a piece of fabric or a rope)
– Drill to drill a hole with (6-8 mm is a good size)
– Knife to cut the bottle

How to:

1. Take your bottle, drill a hole through the cap.

2. Cut your plastic bottle into two pieces – and make sure to cut on the “upper part” of the bottle (like 60-75% from the bottom). If you have a larger bottle, it’s even better because that will give more room for the sprouts.

3. Now take your piece of cloth or rope. (I usually cut a piece of a dish cloth.) Place it through the hole in your cap. Make sure that the string will reach the bottom of your bottle.

4. Just place the top part upside down on the bottom part, and you’re done! 

The Seed Staters works perfectly. I use them for regular Seed Starting, and also for Growing Tomatoes from a Tomato Slice. 🙂 

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