Sowing Sugar Snap Peas

Sowing Sugar Snap Peas Indoors

This is how I start my Sugar Snap Peas indoors (also see my post on Growing Sugar Snap Peas in Toilet Paper Rolls)

I start my seeds in a ‘Pluggbox’. It’s a smart little thing that allows you to start 49 seeds in about 20×20 cm. The upside – smart system, seeds usually starts perfectly fine. The downside – not so much room for the roots, so first repotting needs to be done quite fast. For Sugar Snap Peas, it might be a bit to risky since the roots are a bit sensitive. I usually don’t want to repot them at all, and instead just take them straight from the Pluggbox to the final growing destination.

I sow the seeds about 1 cm into regular soil. 

I keep the soil moist and cover it with the plastic lid to provide a good climate for the seeds to start. It’s sprouting quite fast, so make sure you don’t start them too early in the season.

They are ready to take outdoors when the outdoor ground temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius, and the plants are about this size (there is also some pumpkin and squash in this tray):

Eager to go into the ground, they dry out quite fast. Look at these great roots:

After planting outdoors, I always cover with a thin cloth to protect from both the strong spring sun and the cold (and sometimes frosty) nights of may.

Update, 23rd of June

First harvest from those Sugar Snap Peas today. It’s Sugar Snap Pea “Shiraz”. Both Flowers and Snaps are Purple. Beautiful (and great taste!).

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