Sowing Sugar Snap Peas

Sowing Sugar Snap Peas

This is how I sow my Sugar Snap Peas. I use empty Toilet Paper Rolls. 

There are two reasons for why I choose Toilet Paper Rolls:
1. The roots of the Sugar Snap Pea can be sensitive. Sowing in Toilet Paper Rolls makes it possible not to touch the roots at all later when you plant the Sugar Snap Plant in the final growing destination. Just bury the whole Paper Roll, and it will decompose quite fast when it gets into the ground. 
2. It’s cheap and works perfectly. No need to buy more pots for this.

This is how I do:

Take a bunch of empty Toilet Paper Rolls and simply tie a band or string around them. I then place them on a tray. Fill the Paper Rolls with soil and sow the Sugar Snap Peas about 3 cm into the soil.


I now place the Sowing outdoors. It’s not really Winter Sowing since it’s to late for that, but I do place the tray outdoors in a Cold Frame. If you don’t have a Cold Frame, you can simply place them in a see through plastic container with a lid. (It will do the job as a Mini Greenhouse.)

I will keep you posted on how it progresses this year.

Update, 9th of May

The Sugar Snap Peas are Sprouting and looks happy (and pretty) in their Toilet Paper Rolls:

I’ve moved them from the Cold Frame to my outdoor Mini Greenhouse, so I have to keep up with the watering since they tend to be a bit to warm and dry in there.. 

Update, 3rd of June

I almost forgot about these guys. This is what they looked like when I found them and transplanted them in a Bucket today.

Update, 18th of June

First Sugar Snap Peas are looking great!

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