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Starting, restarting and restarting Kale, Broccoli and Swiss Chard again..

So.. as the headline says – I have not been lucky with my Green Kale, Broccoli and Swiss Chard this year. I had a plan to start them early, but still try to get strong Plants. The result is: me restarting all of them THREE times, last one today. Here’s the story. Any advice is welcome! 

First try:
I first started the seeds in February. What came up was really quite thin and sad:

Kale and Swiss Chard


Decided to try to save the Broccoli, did not have to much hope.. but they were at least alive.

Second try:
I now decided to start them in a slightly larger seed tray than the first batch. I also suspected that the room where I tried to grow the first batch was to warm, so I started the second batch with a Grow Light in the basement (around 16 degrees Celcius).

Started a tray, watered, placed under grow light:

These grew even worse!

I decided to put all of them outdoors in the Cold Frame (not sure why..)

Did not go to well.. 

Trying to save the second batch. Replanting them and putting them back indoors:

Third try:
Restarting a third batch today. Sowing, watering, lid on. Keeping this indoors in room temperature and in a sunny window. 

Keep your fingers crossed! I’m not really keen on repeating one more time.

Update, 26th of June

The result from the third batch is still a bit depressing. However there is some success with the two poor Swiss Chard Plants that were saved from batch no.2. Two Plants are catching up and enjoying the outdoor weather. First harvest today!

I plan to rethink and try to start all of these outdoors, winter sowing, next year

Update, 4 years later

I have fundamentally change my sowing methods when it comes to cabbages and swiss chard. I have two different ways of sowing that has proven to work for me almost every time:

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