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Topping Tomato Plants and growing new Plants from Cuttings Post Reply

Some of my Tomato Plants have been growing a little bit taller than I was hoping. Luckily, there are several ways to fix this. One way is to plant the Tomato Plant deeper when you repot it, and another way is to cut the top of the Plant. I decided to top this Plant, because that will give me a nice cutting to root, and suddenly I will have two plants instead of one. 

Simply cut the top. Place the cut just above one set of leaves.

Place the Cutting in a glass of water.

Tomato Cuttings are usually growing roots very fast, you should see the first roots within a couple of days. I really enjoy watching this process. There is so much power in Tomato Cuttings!

Let them grow until there are more roots, and the roots look thick and healthy. Change the water in the glass every now and then. I usually plant mine when they look like this:

Now simply plant the Cutting and give the Plant a good watering over the next days.

Now you have two Tomato Plants, and they should both be just fine.

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