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Trying a Tomato Plant Starter Kit

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Got a Tomato Grower Starter kit from the Store. Thought it would be fun to try. I live in an apartment, so I will try to grow them in my bookshelf. 

 I have limited previous experiences in growing things, so keep your fingers crossed. Give me advises if it seems like i need them. 

Update, 18th of January

Sharing this update one week after the last picture. The plants look happy.

Update, 25th of January

Two weeks after starting the plant starter kit. All 6 tomatoes seems happy. I don’t really know when to transplant them into pots so i’ve only tried with 2 plants so far.

Update, 30th of January

Replanted them today. 

Update, 13th of February

The Tomato Plants are still alive. Here are some pictures:

I’ve started to rotate them like crazy. This is my tallest plant. 

Update, 27th of February

Thank you. Spring is coming, and I hope that the day light in my window is enough for the plants. They are growing fast, from 15 cm 10 days ago to 25 cm today. 

Update, 13th of March

My tomato plants grow fast. One variety is now taller than the other. Looks a bit funny.

Update, 4th of April

Transplanting the tomato plants today. I have also topped the plants but that was after i took this picture. 

Update, 19th of April

I think the tomatoes liked to be topped and they have grown a lot since last update. Looking better now i think. The plants are taking over my kitchen window. 🙂 Pictures shows how they grow back close to the place where i cut the top of. Really want to see flowers soon.

Update, 28th of April

I did not think that the Tomatoes would be this tall. It was supposed to be small tomato plants. I can see that there will be flowers soon.

Update, 4th of June

I have at least 50 tomatoes coming! This is way beyond my expectations when I bought the Starter Kit. Some photos:

Update, 12th of June

My first Tomato! 

Update, 12th of June

I have moved my tomatoes into my new house and into larger pots. I used buckets as many of you have used them in your posts and it seems to work great. 

Update, 25th of July

More Tomatoes

Update, 5th of October

This is how the tomato plants looks like right now. I have picked all the red tomatoes and hope to get a few more red tomatoes before the autumn comes.

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