Building a Kitchen Garden

Vegetable Garden Redesign

So, being frustrated with the crazy amount of slugs this season – I decided to redesign my vegetable garden. Ambitions (being a lazy gardener):

  • Rearrange the raised beds to enable an efficient electric slug fence
  • Keep and improve automatic watering system
  • Expand the number of raised beds (x2)
  • Make gardening even easier, by having a clear strategy on the height of each raised bed based on purpose

This is what the garden looked like before starting the redesign digging.

I did not finish before winter, but this is the progress so far:

A solid metal frame that I will attach the boards with electrical slug fence to.
A start to rearrange the old raised beds into an efficient space in the middle
Poor Rhubarbs and asparagus moved 3 times in this process. Also, found a good spot for the compost tumbler.

Really looking forward to start planning for next season! A lot of digging still in front of me – but it’s starting to look a tiny bit like the end result I’m striving for.

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